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Data Capture

There are many methods for capturing data from physical and electronic records. We offer a range of solutions; including:

Information Capture

Collecting data from surveys, applications, questionnaires, warranty cards, competitions and more.

OCR (optical character recognition)

OCR is the process that is used when converting scanned images of typewritten or printed text into popular computer editing formats such as MS Word, Excel or just plain text and allowing the documents to be electronically recognized. OCR allows you to edit the text and search for a word or phrase.

OMR (optical mark read) Technology

This is an advanced method of data capture, which involves electronically extracting data from marked fields, such as checkboxes and fill-in fields on printed forms. It is generally accepted as the most accurate process for collecting closed response data.


For quick, efficient and accurate automated data extraction and high speed page separation.

Allow Activscan to automate the capture of critical information from your forms. Captured data can then be routed directly via secure transmission to you or placed into workflows for approvals and processing.

By automating the data capture process and transforming your documents into digital files, we can help you optimise your business processes. The need for manual processing is eliminated, transaction speed and accuracy is improved and access to information is more efficient.

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Activscan is accredited to supply the NSW Government's ICT Services Scheme

This means we are able to supply customer contracts that are low risk or valued up to $150,000 to the NSW Government, in the ICT sub-category:
Digitisation including delivery ‘as a service'

NSW Government Supplier ICT Services

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